Featured Author of July, 2018

Hargove PerthHargrove Perth

We want to announce the Featured Author of July, 2018! Last month’s Featured Author has come and gone, already. It is time for July’s. We are happy to introduce our Featured Author of July, 2018 as Hargrove Perth!

This author is multitalented and multifaceted in her compelling style of writing. Her works speak for themselves and her achievements echo across the World-Wid_Web. Come learn more about this author on our website. <CLICK HERE>


The Countdown…

If you have been to our website recently then you will have seen a countdown clock on every page of our site. This countdown is for our contest. There are currently, 36 days remaining to submit your review links.  We can’t stress it enough how important it is for you to review not just one, but both titles for free with Kindle Unlimited subscription in order to submit your talent to both Reviewer and Blogger. There will be money to be won (amount TBD), as well as awards and entitlements.


Contest Instructions And Details

Okay… some of the submissions we received are from people who either didn’t read the embedded text in the textbox or perhaps we weren’t clear. In any case we decided to put together this step-by-step instruction blog.

Step 1. Book Bloggers AND Book Reviewers go to: <Kindle Unlimited>

Start a free trial or paid subscription to Kindle Unlimited to read books for free and review them. This is possibly the greatest tool available for book reviewers and book bloggers alike.

Step 2.  After obtaining some format of either one of the listed titles by W.S. Klass, <Diversity is Madness> and <Wrath>, read them. Hopefully, you enjoy them. But in any case read them completely. We can’t push the Kindle Unlimited format enough because it makes millions of books #FREE to read! You have nothing to lose and we are not asking you to buy a copy (You will not be reimbursed).

Step 3.  Write a review of the book(s). We say “book(s)” because you are allowed to submit reviews to two different categories. Book Reviewers, which are professional book reviews and Book Bloggers which are primarily opinionated and personal blogs. We encourage you to do both for twice the opportunity. It would be interesting to see the same person win both categories, but that will be up to the voters on social media when that time comes.

Step 4.  Post your reviews on Amazon where it verifies you purchased the book(s) so your reviews become public. If you are a blogger, post your reviews on your blogs as well.

Step 5.  Once your review is public, go back to our Review page: www.http://crimsonladypress.com/reviews.


As you can see, there are two categories to submit under, Reviewer and Blogger. As stated above, we recommend you submit two separate submissions, one as a blogger and one as a reviewer. Each category must be a different book which is why we listed two titles above.


Follow the simple rules and submit with the required information shown above. Within the text box be sure you state which category (reviewer or blogger) as well as the title and URL to the amazon and blog reviews. Note that reviewers only have to post reviews on amazon while bloggers must submit URLs to both amazon and blog where reviews are posted.

Follow this process for each individual submission to participate in both categories and you could win more than just awards and titles. You can win cash! Good luck to you all.

Reviewer and Blogger Disclaimer Update…

Crimson Lady Press

There are titles and awards to be won here so be professionals and submit away! https://www.crimsonladypress.com/reviews
If you want to submit multiple reviews, the two titles currently released by W.S. Klass are Wrath and Diversity is Madness. Only one review submission per title please! These books are #FREE#FreeToRead on Kindle with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Multiple submissions beyond the two listed titles are welcomed but MUST be assigned via email queries only! Multiple submissions are not necessary. One submission is all that is needed for evaluation.
This open audition as freelance book reviewers and bloggers has exploded. In response to the submissions and queries we have decided to market this as a contest as well. We updated the Review page to display this contest. The rules are the same. The difference is that we are adding an additional…

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